Personalized, hand written lyrics, signed by Cory.

Image of Personalized, hand written lyrics, signed by Cory.


Parasite EP

UPRISE Part 1 and 2.
Come alive realign this time we're starting over.
We are one in design you feel it getting closer. Reconnect and dissect the pieces growing colder. (Can you still feel me?)
Save yourself, they keep us living like there's nothing else. Nothing else.
Come fight me, I'm promising you'll soon see everything you can be all you need, inside my eyes.
And I am not afraid, we can make another way. This begins our escape into the light. Uprise.
Advocate what they hate. They're in the shadows hiding. Navigate, deviate from all the lies they're binding. Break the mold, take ahold this is the time for siding. (Can you still hear me?)
Bring them down. Their kingdom's falling, we will take the crown. Take the crown.
Repeat chorus
We have come this far. Believe in me this time. I will reach the stars. Destiny's ours to find.
Repeat chorus.
Be still and breathe in the mask. Stay here and watch it all collapse. One more soft break beneath the skin. All this to make you whole again.
Now that you've become the perfect clone, are you anyone?
I'm calling out for you. Igniting this so true. I know you still believe. Can you illuminate for me?
One more last test to find a cure. Bleed out yourself to be made pure.
Close your eyes, let them have control. Soon they will take away your soul.
I'll find a way to bring you back to me.
Repeat chorus.
Let me see you burn.
Repeat chorus.
The Reckoning-
Wake up, we're losing precious life but I decide what will become of mine tonight. You mask your face and try to hide your cries, the fight, avoid the truth this time, in spite.
Let's set the world ablaze and burn down everything. This is our reckoning, there's no holding back now. We will not just give in, we'll fight this until the end. The ending will begin. We won't turn our backs now!
You're sick, it courses through your veins, the change it screams. It's coming over you. Let go. So long I let this hold me down, to drownd the sound, my heart it beats so loud. It shows.
Repeat chorus.
The Darkness-
Change your face and hide your evil smile but I am not like the eyeless. Fall from grace, I knew it all the while but I know you'll forever be lifeless.
Let me go and I will run away far from the darkness you choose. You should know, I will become the beauty lost in you.
Lick your lips while you medicate but I will bleed out your poison. Make me sick but I will decimate. You are just like a siren.
Repeat chorus.
Just one last kiss to say goodbye. I'm letting go this time. So now the beauty's left to die, inside your cold black eyes.
Repeat chorus.
Repeat bridge.
Dear Sparrow-
Fly away, I know that you must go, but I should tell you so. Stay this way, it won't be so long, I think I can be strong. I will wait til you fly your way back home. No more you'll be alone.
So spread your wings and fly. Remember me when you touch the sky. I'll always be wherever you will go. So fly away, dear sparrow.
Did you see the morning sun rise? So much beauty in your eyes. I believe you feel me in your soul, your strength to carry on. Fight for me, soon I'll see your face, just hold on and be brave.
Repeat chorus.